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Dirk Spruyt (BE)

I’ve been a judge since 1999 and I’m a breed specialist for Griffons and Belgian shepherds.

I’m now qualified for all breeds in FCI-groups 1, 9 and 10 and for most breeds in FCI-group 2 and for the Siberian Husky in group 5.

I have already judges in most European countries, in Israël, the United States and in Australia.

At the moment I have three dogs at home : “Grimmendans Iroquoi”, a Tervueren male who became World Winner in Salzburg and who’s also champion of Denmark, Holland, Monaco, Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, International champion and who has 5 working titles. I also have a young male “Grimmendans Nvictus” who already has succeeded the Belgian working test and a Petit Brabançon “Havana Of Baluchistan” who’s also Belgian champion.

I’m the chairman of the ‘Lokerse Hondenvereniging’ and every year we organise a show for FCI-groups 1 and 2 in Lokeren.

I am also the secretary of section 3 of the Belgian Kennel Club, I’m the chairman of the judges’ qualification committee and I’m one of the vice-presidents of the VdA, responsible for all the clubs in Belgium.

I already would like to thank the committee of Eurodogshow for the kind invitation and I’m really looking forward judging at the show. It’s always a beautiful weekend and it’s always a big pleasure be there.

I’m quite happy with the breeds of group 1 I will have to judge.

Thanks to all the exhibitors for the trust and I wish them good luck, lots of success and a wonderful time in Kortrijk!

I’m sure you’ll all enjoy it!


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