double CACIB –TOP Show

INTERRA world Cup voor Terriers, 

and…..again with Cats


Eurodogshow 2018 opens its doors for the 55th time on 17th and 18th November. And this year for the second time in cooperation with Felis Belgica-Cats.
This way, the board of directors of the Eurodogshow, offers even more than before, a very comprehensive 'animal show' to the many visitors, stallholders and exhibitors who come down to KortrijkXpo every year.

Everybody is welcome
The whole family is welcome at the Eurodogshow 2018, as long as the necessary health requirements are met for the pets.
Also all dogs from visitors are welcome for free at the Eurodogshow 2018. Every visitor has to pay an entrance fee but dogs don't.
As every year we expect about 20.000 visitors during both days of the show this year.

INTERRA World Cup for terriers:

During the 55th Eurodogshow, the Royal Belgian Terrier Club will use the beautiful XXL room for their international INTERRA Show. INTERRA is the “World Championship for Terriers”. Our Belgian Terrier Club accepts the challenge. Good luck!
A lot of top judges, who come from different European countries, are selected to judge. They are honoured because the Eurodogshow carefully selects only very capable judges.
All terrier breeds can compete in 3 CAC and 2 CACIB championships during the same weekend.

The Royal Society Sint Hubertus has nominated the Eurodogshow 2018 to organize the first Benelux Winner Show on location.
If your dog or bitch wins in their class (Belgium – The Netherlands – Luxembourg), they can get the title of Benelux Winner. And winning several times, in two or three countries, can result in getting the title of Benelux Champion. Great titles.


The management of both organizations are very aware of the important challenge and will do everything to run this integrated organization very smoothly and well-disciplined.
Everybody can be reassured that both shows will be separated and organized in adjacent rooms with guarded entrances for “visitors”. Visitors can enter both shows but dogs aren't allowed to visit the cat show and cats aren't allowed to visit the dog show.
Special arrangements have been made in order to avoid noise disturbance. Only smaller and quieter dogs are shown in the hall adjacent to the hall were the cat show will be organized.


Download the entryform for Eurodogshow Kortrijk 2018.

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