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Roger Vanhoenacker (BE)

Judge since 1985.
Now I’m a judge for groups 1-2-4-5and 9.

All my live I have been surrounded by dogs. All my family members had dogs.
I had my first dog a german shepperd as a young man. 

In 1975 I got a Puli from an Hungarian friend.
In 1977 I went to my first show and became best of breed out of 22 entrees.

I imported dogs from Hungary and started breeding. I bred several champions and exported to different countries.
I have been chairman of a club for Polish and Hungarian Sheppard dog for several years.
I also bred a few Newfy litters. and founded the Belgian newfy club. 

Now I’m breeding Entlebucher Sennen.
I’m a member of the board of the Belgian Kennel Club. 

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