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Wolfgang Eickert (DE)

was born in 1962 in Hamburg, I come from a family with a background of working with hunting dogs. In my early days I lived with my parents and grandfather who was a forester. He bred and worked with different hunting breeds including Large Munsterlander, Griffon and Wire Haired Dachshund. After completing my studying at the University in 1990 and building a home I had my first English Setter in 1995 as a companion. In 1996 I became a member of the Verein für Pointer and Setter (the German Pointer and Setter Club) and a member of the English Setter Association(UK) in 1999.

I became interested in both the showing and working of English Setters and in 1998 in spring I had my second English Setter as a puppy. I chose this dog specially as he was of pure English breeding, bred in Belgium, as no pure English lines existed in Germany at that time. He became my first show dog and also passed his working test. In order to pass the working test I first had to learn to become a hunting man, gaining my state license. This dog became a full champion because of his success in both hunting and showing. He was an International Champion, European Winner and Amsterdam Winner.

One year later my third English Setter, Ferngate Hill Breeze arrived from Belgium aged 8 years old and he was also a successful show dog. His son Yannan of North Downs became my 4th English Setter and my 3rd champion. He was an important stud dog and brought English bred lines into Germany again. He is also the grandfather of Mariglen Mercedes and Mariglen Audi. Up to date I have made up 6 champions.

Having shown my dogs for a few years, I was asked by the Chairman of Verein für Pointer and Setter if I wished to become a judge in the 4 setter breeds and English Pointers. I said yes and then had to complete a lot of training in preparation. This included stewarding, organising shows, and passing modules in health, genetics, conformation and movement at the German Kennel Club (VDH school) in Dortmund. Having passed these introductory tests, the next stage was to take the examination which would allow me to start as a judges assistant. In August 2009 I took and passed my practical and theory exams at Verein für Pointer and Setter under VDH rules, passing with very high marks. On 1st September 2009 I was appointed by the VDH as a judge for Setters and Pointers to award CAC/CACIB.

My first show as a judge was in March 2010 in Leverkusen and since then I have judged many times in Germany. I have also judged in Belgium ,Switzerland and Austria.

Since 2005 I have visited England every year to watch one or more shows, including Crufts several times, Windsor, National Gundog, etc.

Over the years I have become close friend to breeders and exhibitors in England and I enjoy my visits very much.

Until today my most famous judging was the Bundessieger Show in October 2015 and German Winner Show in 2017.

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