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Eva De Wine (BE)

I was born in the former Czechoslovakia. As long as I remember me, all my life surrounds me dogs; the first dog I remember me since my childhood was a strong German shepherd. Later there were more dogs, such as white Spitz, English Cocker Spaniel and Great Dane and other, so I was very happy to spend time with dogs and other animals at home.

In the "dogs world" I have been active since the 1970s, when I started to help with organizing different events with dogs. Since 1975 I have begun to exhibit my own dogs, namely Tibetan Terrier (a very rare breed at that time) and Briard in the various European countries where they have gained many different titles.

I also gained a lot of experience about dogs through my own breeding and that with Tibetan terriers (since 1975) with Briards (since 1981) and in the 1980s I imported the first few males and females of Bouvier des Flanders, who became founders of breeding in my country. Many dogs from my kennel became a founder of various new kennels. 

In addition, I was the initiator and co-founder of two clubs in Czech Republic for Tibetan Terriers and for Bouvier des Flandres and I became a member of the board of both clubs as a breeding consultant during the time of my stay in this country. 

My judging at dogshows began in 1992 when I became officially recognized a judge FCI. Since then I have been judging in lot of countries different breeds from the groups I. and IX. FCI.

Since 2003, when I moved with my Tibetans to Belgium, I became a member of the KC Royal Society Saint Hubert of Belgium who recognized me also as a judge. 

From 2004 until today I am a member of the Board of the Belgian Tibetan Breeds Club (TRC), where I am the chairman of the breeding and the selection committee.

I am also a member of the selection jury of the several Belgian clubs other breeds and a member of different clubs at the several countries.

Judging of dogs is my passion and during my career I saw many beautiful dogs. For me has everyone their own beauty and unforgettable charm.

I would like to thank to the organization of this most prestigious dogs how in Belgium that gave me this opportunity to judge here and also to the exhibitors for their confidence in me.

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