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Cornelia Schwesinger (DE)


My name is Cornelia Schwesinger. I am 54 years old and live in Germany's "Black Forest," where I was born and raised on a large-scale farm named "Bankenhof." 

From birth on, it was always clear that my heart would beat for dogs. Our farm dog "Wolf" guarded me from the moment I was a newborn in the baby carriage. Until I was eight years old, I was allowed to take happy daily walks with our Great Dane "Arkus" together with our neighbor's Airdale-Terrier "Tommy." 

When I was nine years old, our Great Dane "Arkus" died, after which our first Bernese Mountain Dog "Cibo vom Gitzirain" became a member of our Bankenhof family (1973). With beaming pride I was allowed to take our beautiful male Bernese Mountain Dog for daily walks. Six years later, "Asta von der Lehnflue" moved to Bankenhof and she gifted us with our first "Berner" litter in 1981. 

From that moment on, I was ardently enthusiastic about breeding dogs and about assisting my mother at all exhibitions and presentations. 

When "Cibo vom Gitzirain" was nine years old, I was allowed to present him and I was super-proud that my Cibo took first place in his Age Group. There I was, at 18 years old, experiencing my first big success at presenting at an exhibition.

I accompanied my mother everywhere; presenting our dogs at exhibitions, as ring-secretary and as a very happy attendant for our puppies home at Bankenhof.

Thanks to the foundation of breeding which I learned through my 'apprenticeship' under my dear mother, I was well prepared for my own career as a breeder. I became a breeder for Bernese Mountain Dogs from 1990 until 2014 using the kennel name "von Wachon," thereby I bred 20 litter with 112 puppies.  

After Germany's 'Swiss Mountain Dog Society' (Schweizer Sennenhund-Verein= SSV) recommended I become a Breeding Supervisor in 2002, I began the two-year study required to occupy that position. Since having passed the Breeding Supervisor's exam in 2004, I have remained the Breeding Supervisor all four races of the Swiss Mountain Dogs in the Southern Sector of Germany's state ofBaden-Württemberg. This 'work' as Breeding Supervisor is great fun! Every year, I present a Breeding Seminar and I enter qualified kennels in the Breeder's Registry forBaden-Württemberg-south. The health of the Mountain Dog is my main objective.

Insofar as I had so much fun with my work in exhibitions and as Ring-Secretary, I applied to hold the position of Specialist Breed Judge for all four races of the Swiss Mountain Dogs in 2009. 

After having successfully completed the 3-year training in March of 2012, I can say I am extremely happy as well as honored to occupy this position! I greatly enjoy the honor of ensuring the maintenance and health of the Swiss Mountain Dog's four races in harmony with my fellow judges. 

Even if the trip to an exhibition is extensive, I find my reward in the happy eyes of the friendly dogs as well as the hopeful eyes of each dog's owner. 

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