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Assistance Doglle

Open the website www.doglle.com

Click on "identify"

Choose your own username + password and fill in your information


Congratulations, you opened your account. Your account is personal and unique.

Now, Doglle will recognize you automatically and you no longer have to enter your login and password.

Go to Doglle to fill in your dog's details in the database.

Click on the tab "My dogs" and then click on "add a dog"

Fill in all your dog's details.

Don't forget to add a copy of your dog's pedigree (for a dog in the Champion or Working Class)

Either jpg or pdf format.



- Click on "Show"

- Select the show you wish to enter (Eurodogshow / Kortrijk)

- Click on the blue "register" button

- Click on "create a new entry"

- Click on "Select a dog" and the details of your dog will appear.

- Select a class in which you want to enter your dog.

- Make your payment, preferably with a credit card (Visa or Mastercard)

  This is totally safe and direct



As soon as you paid, your entry is confirmed


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  • WOEF
  • Our Dogs
  • Stad Kortrijk
  • FCI
  • KMSH
  • West Vlaams Federatie