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Eurodogshow "The History"

We started as a small show organized by our Honorable-Chairman José Misselyn in Menen on 20th. September 1964 (in the College on the Grand Place in Menen, there were 159 dogs entered) and from then on the show has grown to what it is today, ‘the dog event from Belgium’, with an European recognition. In 1968 we had to move due to lack of space to Kortrijk, to the recently opened Kortrijks Halls, (now known as Kortrijk Xpo.) Here we had 7.000 m2 of space and the necessary facilities to put up our 474 exhibitors en 6.000 visitors. In 1972 we had to use the partly build 2nd.hall to put up the 1110 exhibitors, which came from many different European countries.

Then in 1973 we wished to put the accent on the European character of the show and named it “EURODOGSHOW", which would be understandable for every European. We also started to put the enrolments and catalogue in four languages, which brought us the success we expected.

Indeed in 1975 we had to go over to a two day show and use the two halls where we had daily the necessary space of 11.200 m2 .

We then counted already 1.840 exhibitors from many different European countries and 13.000 visitors. However we kept growing and so we were the first to express the need of a third hall. In 1984 it was finally achieved and the three halls extended to a surface of 16.500 m2.

In 1988 when hall 4 was build we had a surface of more than 20.000 m2. The more the halls grew “EURODOGSHOW” also grew in quantity as quality. In 1990 we had 2.522 dogs in show and 500 for different other competitions.

In 1991 we could have the use of a 5th. hall, we then had a surface of 25.500 m2, we counted 3.600 dogs for the show, 600 competitors for the different competitions, and 30.000 visitors. In 1999 a 6th hall was built and we also started using it and now we have a surface of 33.000 m2 in use.

The last years our show has grown strongly and has been more professional organised and therefore we are now nr. 1 in Belgium with a total of 4000 dogs competing in the Breed judging and the sideline activities.

Eurodogshow ; a Top team, a Top organisation , and Trendsetter !

I wish to thank you again for your presence. And enjoy it.


The Chairman

Joël Vanlerberghe

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