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Erika Häkkinen (FI)

My name is Erika Häkkinen and I became a dog show judge in 2014. My breeds are the American Akita and the Akita. 

At the moment, I have an Akita living with me. I bred American Akitas in a small scale under the kennel name Great Flame's. I imported my first American Akita from Sweden in 1998.

I'm still active in different clubs; I was one of the founding members of the American Akita Club of Finland (founded in 2003) and these days I'm a president of Finnish Akita club and member of the Akita breeding committee. I've also been a Board member of the Finnish Companion Dog Club since 2005. 

For the last 13 years, my responsibilities have been the organisation of education of judges for all our 68 breeds as well as the organisation of the club's speciality show till last year. I serve as the vice chairperson on the board of my kennel district and represent my district at the Finnish Kennel Club's council.

In addition, I am the judges' secretary of Lahti International Dog Show and also our labour day group shows. I regularly work as a ring steward. The Finnish American Akita Club has awarded me with a badge of honour, and the Finnish Companion Dog Club has awarded me with the silver badge of honour.

 At the moment, I am authorised to judge more than 40 breeds from group 5 and about 30 breeds from group 2. Early this year, I started expanding to group 10 as well.  

Besides dogs, my hobbies include photography, movies and reading.

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