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Jacqui Hurley (GB)

First Judged:
1985 ~ Poole Show, Utility Breeds

Jersey Junior Handlers Association [1981]
U.K. Dog Handlers Association [1993]
Family Hobby since 1976

Award CCs:              
Bedlington Terriers, Poodles [all 3 sizes]

made up in Bedlington Terriers, Poodles [+100 stud Book entries]

Junior Handling Book, The Young Persons Guide to Dog Showing
Show Handling DVD, Handling Show Dogs. Publisher:Our Dogs 

Medal Award Scheme, The Skills of the Show Ring
Trainer of many UK Show Handling Finalists & at the Kennel Club YKC.
Training Sessions throughout U.K. Malta, Europe, Far East,

35 years training Juniors and Seniors in the Skills of the Show Ring
Of the 12 Pedigree Petfoods UK Finalists [90’s] 4 were Jersey Junior Handler trained 

Powerpoint Presentations, The Poodle, The Bedlington Terrier, Skills of the Show Ring.

Founder/Organiser ~ Jersey International Team Match [est. 1981]
one week of Show Handling, Grooming, Obedience Handling, Agility
Handling Competitions and social events of Jersey Junior Handlers Assoc.
Founder/Organiser ~ UKDHA International Team Match [est. 1993]
weekend of Show Handling Competitions and social events

Office Held:              
President:  Jersey Junior Handlers Association [1981~1991],  
President :UK Dog Handlers Association [1993~],
Vice Chairman British Toy Poodle Club [2003~2013],
Secretary Bedlington Terrier Association [2006~]
Member of the Kennel Club [UK]


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